Libros Schmibros values your books, but due to space constraints we are not always able to accept your donation.  If you have books in the following categories, we'd love to hear from you, though we may not be able to say yes to your gift:

  • Children's
  • Latin-American and Spanish language, literature and culture
  • Los Angeles and Californiana
  • Film
  • Syllabus mainstays (like the stuff they read in AP English)
  • Great modern and contemporary literature
  • Classic literature
  • Noir and Beat literature
  • Art and Architecture
  • Photography
  • We do not accept professional textbooks, encyclopedias or magazines

If your books match any of these categories, please contact us, and be sure to let us know the following:

  • What categories of books do you have?
  • Approximately how many?

We'll send you a reply by email.

Please note: Libros does not have staff to collect your books.  Arrangements must be made with management for you to drop them off during specified hours.

Thank you for your interest in donating books to Libros Schmibros!